Day 13: your favorite quote


Day 14: write about something you believe in, anything at all

I believe that someone is really meant for someone. It’s just like serendipity/destiny. Everything happens for a reason. If you fail at something, it means that it’s not for you and something better will come.

Day 15: a song that makes you cry and why

No specific song but something that is about thanking my parents. Also those songs that mean goodbye. :(

Day 16: someone you trust

I trust my bestfriend & my closest friends.

Day 17: your idol and why you look up to them

(Hmmm. This matter I should really think about. I need more time. Hihiii.)

Day 18: why you made your blog, why you still have it

Before, I made a Tumblr account because I was a reblog addict before. Then one day, it popped into my head that my Tumblr should be something useful & relevant. So I thought of making it at my not so private diary. Now, it’s improving (I guess) except for the fact that I have no time to update it everyday. It is filled with the things that happen to me and I don’t reblog as much as possible, I just like the pictures. ;) 

Day 19: your thoughts on your family

I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY!!!!! Nuff said.

Day 20: what you think makes someone beautiful

For me, someone can be called really beautiful not by his/her looks. All of us are beautiful. What makes us beautiful is our uniqueness. A person’s beauty is within him/her not on the outside. You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, you just have to be yourself and the beauty will just follow.

Day 21: everything you wish for in a significant other

My ideal man:

1. Someone taller than me.

2. Chinito. Hihi! <3

3. Fair/ White complexion

4. Sweet & Caring!

5. Can make me smile. :)

6. A man who loves giving surprises.

7. Someone who loves kids.

8. Adventurous!

9. Funny & Has a good sense of humor

10. Always on the go!

11. Someone who loves me for me. <3

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