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1. When did you go to Paris and how long did you stay there? :)

We went there November of 2012 if I’m not mistaken and then we stayed in Paris for 11 days and then 3 days in Bordeaux. :)

2. Do you also travel different places in BS-IHM ?

Absolutely. I was lucky to be able to join 3 school tours in different places. :)


1. Can you please tell me about your program which is BS-IHM? :)

2. Hello po. :) I’m entering college next school year. I took the entrance exam at CSB and fortunately I passed my desired course which is IHM. So I would like to ask a little help from you by sharing your experiences at CSB and at least giving me a background about the course. :) Thanks in advance!

BS - International Hospitality Management is a double degree program offered by DLS-CSB in partnership with Vatel Hospitality Management. This course mainly focuses on the different tracks of the hospitality management track but more on the hospitality track. This program gives you the chance to study the courses in a more global perspective. 

As an IHM student, I explored more horizons with this program. I was not contented with just an “okay” but I need to do my best in all times. As a student I was also able to push myself more to excel, because (I don’t mean to scare you but) you need to exert more effort because of the demands of this course. This course also offers immersion to hotels in an early time. We get to explore and experience the “real world” as early as sophomore year.

This is just a short description of how it will be. If I tell you everything, it wouldn’t be exciting anymore. I want you to experience it on your own. :)

3. Hi po! :) Anong year na po kayo? And ano po meaning ng conditionally accepted? :) Conditionally accepted po kasi status ko sa IHM eh.. May chance po ba na di ako tanggapin?

Hi! Hmm, I’m currently on my senior year, almost graduating. Hmm, I don’t know what conditionally accepted means. All I know is BS-IHM is like a “quota” course. So maybe there is an interview or something. I’m not so sure. Sorry. :(

4. Hi! Incoming frosh also taking BS IHM in CSB. Ask ko lang kung saan more on itong course nato? Pag ba naka graduate ako sa course nato ihahanap ba agad ako ng trabaho ng benilde? May i ask na rin kung ano yung current job mo if u don’t mind? :)

Yaaaay! Congratulations! :) In my own perspective, IHM takes up almost all the factors to consider in hospitality management. Its just like studying all the track of the hotel, restaurant and institution management (which are hospitality, tourism and culinary). That’s how I understood it when I was studying. Regarding if they will find the job for you instantly after you graduate, my professors always answer that question with this phrase “Benilde gives you all the knowledge, skills and tools you need, so it is your decision if you will use them to find a job after you graduate.”

Well, I don’t call it a job cause I’m still an intern. But I’m currently having my practicum in one of the known hotels in the US.

KEEP YOUR QUESTIONS COMING. (Sorry for the delay in replies.)



1. Hi ask lang po.. madami po bang bumabaksak sa CSB with the course of IHM?

You’ll just fail if you don’t do your responsibilities as a student. If you are pretty determined to pass, then you will pass. :)

2. are you an IHM student? may I please know how is it and the probable jobs i’ll get after pursuing the said career?

Yes, I am. Well, you can pursue careers in the hospitality industry. Depends on what specific field/department in the industry you want to focus on.

3. hi miss marga, just wanna ask from a bs ihm student’s perspective. Is this course mostly for those kids who’ll later on inherit businesses/hotels/establishments? Will Csb assist us or guide us on landing a job even after practicuum( connections and contacts like professors,csb, community, friends, and even the AKIC department itself)?

Not necessarily. You’re family does not need to own a hotel, restaurant or a resort (but some people who study here does). I took this course because I wanted to. And yes, CSB does assist us to land a job in the future. The school has a lot of companies that they are affiliated with And the CSB hotel is well known around the metro as well as the school which is known to be the top hospitality school in the Philippines. :)

I hope I was able to help all of you. :)

"Why did you come, that night? I keep wondering"

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Everything Love


Everything Love

Minnie Mouse for Halloween ‘13. ❤️

We invaded the Recreation Center. Healthy living! 🏀🏊🏆 (at Recreation Center)

I have a lot to be grateful for. 🙏 (at Jackson, WY)